Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Born to be wild

Yesterday when I left work from the bike parking area of the buildings I noticed I had a free rider. There was a little grasshopper sitting on my brake hood. He (to ease the writing I'm making it a he although I DID NOT check) kind of sat there looking up at me while I was pedaling down the parking lot. I imagine he was wondering where this large yellow blob came from.

We were content to share our space together just riding along. Eventually he must have tired of getting the wind up his tailpipe because he turned around and was facing forward. He looked a lot like a dog with it's head out the window. His little antennae were plastered back to his head. I imagine he was humming a little Born to be Wild while we motored down the road.

"Get your motor running...get out on the highway...lookin' for adventure...and whatever comes my way..."

He was the Dennis Hopper to my Henry Fonda.

Eventually we ran into traffic and he must have tired of the slow pace of our ride. He flew away. I wished I could fly away at that moment too. Traffic sucks

"Yeah Darlin' go make it happen...Take the world in a love embrace...Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space..."

This morning as I was almost at work I came upon an accident. (for lack of a better term I used accident but it had to be someone's fault) It looked like one car turned in front of the other. I have no idea who was at fault as it was just two officers, me and a tow truck driver. But both car owners were gone, perhaps in an ambulance? The cars appeared to be completely totaled. Just flat out destroyed I can't imagine how they got that much damage in that area. It's a 35 MPH speed zone. I wouldn't have thought you would get that much damage from a crash at that speed.

As I was waiting for the light to change I was scanning the road for skid marks and didn't see any. Perhaps both parties were speeding and were otherwise occupied and weren't attentive enough to even hit the brakes before they collided? I don't know. I didn't see any news cameras or ambulance chasers so perhaps it wasn't that bad after all. Cars suck. Check that, inattentive people driving 4000 lb killing machines suck.

Strange 24 hour period. The joys of life and the vulgarities of life intersect in less than 24 hours and almost in the exact same spots.



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